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@ the Old Ambulance Station - 80 Howard Street, Nambour QLD
WED 9 - SAT 12 December 2020


                                     We have your food and beverages covered!



Enjoy an artisan ale from the Old Ambo bar, while you find your friends before the show. All proceeds go to the running of this awesome hub of community and creativity.



Want to come for both sessions on the one night, but fretting about fitting in dinner? No worries!


Pre-order* your delicious meal from RAGU CREOLE CUISINE to be ready for you to enjoy, just outside the Black Box, in the break between YAY FOR CANE TOADS! and CONSTRUCTION SIGHT. (Dinner 7.30pm nightly, and Lunch 2pm on Sat).  





Garden Curry - medley of fresh garden veggies, coconut sauce, epis (haitian spice mix), aromatic rice (garlic and thyme) served with pickle and lime. (V, GF)


Caribbean Fish Curry - barramundi, coconut sauce, epis (haitian spice mix), aromatic rice (garlic and thyme) served with pickle and lime. (GF)


Anana Rafrechi - Fermented pineapple drink made with cinnamon and star anise. (V, GF)



Garden Curry                                                                           $12

Caribbean Fish Curry                                                               $17

Garden Curry Meal (Garden Curry + Anana Rafrechi)            $17

Caribbean Fish Meal (Fish Curry + Anana Rafrechi)                $22


*Pre-ordering of meals is essential. Book for your meal at the same time as you book your show tickets! You can also add to your meals order up until 12 hours before your meal. Simply head to our booking page and select a Ragu Creole Cuisine ‘session’, next to the show session/s you are booked for. All meal tickets are sold individually.


** Booking fees of 50c per person are charged by our ticketing platform. These are in addition to the stated meal price.


 - You might have heard about the fine tea and Nanna Nett’s famous short bread. They come complimentary with your YAY FOR CANE TOADS! ticket ; )  -


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