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@ the Old Ambulance Station - 80 Howard Street, Nambour QLD
WED 9 - SAT 12 December 2020


We welcome the upcoming generations of artists and thinkers to participate in FLUORESCENT.

All of our sessions are open to young people. We encourage parents and guardians to read through the program and contact us if you require any further information in deciding which shows are right for you and your young people.


FLUORESCENT also features these special program elements especially for young people.  




Children’s Tea Time Stories With Jethro  FREE EVENT

Join us in the Black Box for a participatory story time with Jethro Hitchens, stepping into the secret stories of the Red Tail Cockatoo, the Scarlet Honey Eater and the Sugar bag bee, as they dance their humming rhythmic love for the wind through country.

WED 5.00pm


YAY FOR CANE TOADS! Family Session

Young people are welcome to all sessions in FLUORESCENT, and the Wed session of YAY FOR CANE TOADS! is designed to be an extra welcoming session for families. We will try to keep it clean…except for the molasses.

WED 6.30PM


Artist’s Q&A By Children  FREE EVENT

Join a tremendous ten year old, Meherwan Ali, as he chats with  ‘Aunty Kendra’ about the whys and the hows of making sticky theatre.

WED 7.20pm



The FLUORESCENT Family lounge is a space accessible to families throughout the festival. It’s just that – a few couches, with a couple of story books, across the breezeway from the theatre space, where parents and guardians are welcome to hang with their little people.

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